Ethical Hacking

When adopting new technologies like cloud computing, virtualization, or IT outsourcing, enterprises are facing imminent security threats and must adjust their security processes, policies, and architectures accordingly.

Among the many options available to help customers to achieve this goal, organizations should consider the value of ethical hacking services, which are rapidly gaining attention as an essential security practice that should be performed on a regular basis.

Ethical hacking offers an objective analysis of an organization’s information security posture for organizations of any level of security expertise. The ethical hacking organization has no knowledge of the company’s systems other than what they can gather. Hackers must scan for weaknesses, test entry points, priorities targets, and develop a strategy that best leverages their resources. The objectiveness of this kind of security assessment has a direct impact on the value of the whole evaluation.

Learning how to hack helps information security professionals implement the strongest possible security practices. It’s as much about finding and fixing security vulnerabilities as it is anticipating them. As you learn more about the methods hackers use to infiltrate systems, you’ll be able to preemptively resolve issues; if you don’t understand how black hat hackers could get in to your systems, you’re going to have a hard time securing them.

Think of it this way: a computer network is like a yard with a fence to keep people out. If you’ve put something valuable inside the yard, someone may want to hop the fence and steal it. Ethical hacking is like regularly checking for vulnerabilities in and around the fence, so you can reinforce weak areas before anyone tries to get in.

Above everything else, successful ethical hacking requires being a master of problem solving. An understanding of how computer systems and programming languages work is also essential, because if you understand how the system works, it’s easier to think of ways to exploit the system.